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November 28th, 2004 No comments

I’ve been very busy in the last days, and many things has been happened.

GNOME Hackers Meeting

Grex has announced that the the talks of the metting are available in video for download.

GNOME CPUFreq Applet

Dennis Cranston is doing a great work (bugs #157913, and #158967) HIGifing the preferences dialog, the right click menu, and the alert dialogs.

Dominik Brodowski has proposed (bug #159119) to use libcpufreq from cpufrequtils in the applet.


I continue enjoyed with the networks exercise, my STCP implementation is be able to open and close many connections simultaneously. In the next phase we’ll have to implement the data sending.


November has been a really good month, we have won all of the matches!!. In one of them, the other team didn’t come, so we won 2-0. I’ve been working in a new stats system for our website, it’s still not finished, but it works pretty well. Thanks a lot to Mario, who does a great work taking the stats during the matches 🙂

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Perfect Weekend in a few words

November 8th, 2004 No comments

GNOME CPUFreq Applet

The gnome cpufreq applet is just now part of gnome applets.


We won!! It’s the first match that we win, and I hope we win many others.


On Saturday I was in a Extremoduro (a spanish rock band) concert. It was pretty good!


I have finished the first part of the STCP exercise.

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DVD support in disks-admin

November 5th, 2004 No comments

Since I have now a DVD player in my new laptop, I decided to add support for DVD in disks-admin. It’s integrated with totem, so when a DVD video is detected you will be able to play it and totem will be launched.

DVD support in disks-admin
DVD support in disks-admin

I hope I can start with the fdisk feature as soon as possible


I’m enjoyed a lot doing a networks exercise. It’s a reduced version of the TCP protocol: Simple TCP (STCP). For the moment I only have to do the Open and Close functions, for establishing and closing connections. The main problem is that I have to do it in ADA. I have to do a big effort for not thinking in C.

GNOME hackers meeting

The next week will be the second GNOME hackers meeting. I’m going to present the disks tool again

Basketball :: San Pancracio Team

We have tomorrow the thrid match of the league. We have lost the first two matches, so we need to win this third one. I hope that our new pet (steve-o evil) give us good luck.

San Pancracio's pet
San Pancracio’s pet (steve-o evil)
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