Invoking Meego 1.2 Harmattan Gallery

As part of my work at Igalia I am writing an app to record some videos for the Nokia N9. I wanted to get them shown in the gallery so I tried the DBUS approach, that is something similar to what is explained here. The problem is the same they faced, meaning that I got gallery in foreground when it was not previously running, but not otherwise.

The solution to that was using libcontentaction. In order to get this working, first you need to get the vendor name in the tags of your pictures or videos, otherwise Tracker will not index them correctly and this solution can be useless.

With the following solution Gallery will be brought to foreground and show the desired file. Code would be something like:

using ContentAction::Action;


    Action action =
    if (action.isValid()) {
        qDebug() < < Q_FUNC_INFO << "chosen action:" <<;
    } else {
        qWarning() << "could not file action for" << m_file;

The mime type is one of the defined in the galleryserviceaction.desktop that you can find in the device. For images, you can also check the mime types in that file and maybe you do not need to specify it, but I have not tried this and let it to you. Please, comment me your findings.


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