Me and Igalia


This is going to be my first post at Igalia’s planet a I just wanted to talk about me and my company. First of all, my presentation. I am Xabier Rodríguez Calvar but everybody on computer’s world knows me as calvaris. I grew in Marín a village in Galiza. I studied ‘Computer Engineering’ in the ‘Universidade da Coruña’ where I met my girlfriend and some colleagues who founded Igalia, where I am currently working on GNOME Mobile technologies, specially Maemo and fighting with Epiphany and WebKit.

Why did I write my when talking about Igalia? Because it is my company. Actually it is not because I’m still a partner on trial but if everything goes as expected I shall become a partner in a couple of years. This is one of the things I love in this company. Others are good working environment, working with Free Software, specially with GNOME, company facilities and specially the feeling of working for my own company, where I have the right to say whatever I want and that my opinion is so important as all of them, because there is nobody over me. That’s all! Join Igalia!

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