NavalPlan development courses

As part of NavalPlan project, Igalia is going to teach NavalPlan development courses. These courses are interesting for companies that would like to study how NavalPlan works, how to develop it and how to integrate with it.

NavalPlan is an application to schedule and manage projects (not only for Naval :)) that allows any user to work with several projects at a time having a good view of company projects status. NavalPlan is free software. More info at [1] and [2]. Take a look…



Master on Libre Software: Open sessions in September

Master on Libre Software has published its open sessions in September in A Coruña. They are open and free to public, but registration is required because capacity is limited.

September, the 3rd, Friday:

  • Session: “Free software projects in Agasol companies”
  • Timetable: 16:00 – 19:00
  • Participants:
    • OpenERP: Santiago Argüeso. Pexego
    • Asterisk: Iago Soto. Quobis

September, the 4th, Saturday:

  • Session: “Free software projects in Agasol companies”
  • Timetable: 10:00 – 13:00
  • Participants:
    • Processing e Arduino: Moncho Pena. Bdunk
    • eBox: Alejandro Escobar. Aitire

September, the 10th, Friday:

  • Round table: “Free software and employment opportunities in local and international environments”
  • Timetable: 17:00 – 20:00
  • Participants:
    • First and second year graduates, with experience in public administration, working for third parties and freelance.

September, the 11th, Saturday:

  • Seminar: “Enxeñería lingüística e software libre”
  • Timetable: 10:00 – 14:00
  • Participants:
    • José Ramom Pichel. Imaxin Software.

September, the 17th, Friday:

  • Round table: “Free software in local industry and international opportunities”
  • Timetable: 17:00 – 20:00
  • Participants:
    • Roberto Vieito. Fundación para o Fomento da Calidade Industrial e o Desenvolvemento Tecnolóxico de Galicia
    • Luis Alberto Fernández. Agasol manager.
    • Roberto Brenlla. Tegnix partner.
    • David Pardo. Corunet partner and Agasol vice president.

September, the 18th, Saturday:

  • Seminar: “Web search basics with Lucene and Nutch”
  • Timetable: 10:00 – 14:00
  • Participants:
    • Roi Blanco. Yahoo Research Barcelona.

More information in:

Abierto el plazo de matriculación del Master de Software Libre 2010-2011 en Galicia

Igalia y la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, promueven la IV edición del Máster en Software Libre en Galicia. El Master será impartido en A Coruña y se realizará a partir de Octubre en sesiones de viernes tarde y sábado mañana. Se podrán enviar solicitudes de inscripción hasta el 31 de Julio.

El principal objetivo del Máster es  continuar formando profesionales especializados en Software Libre, supliendo la elevada demanda dentro del  sector TIC. El Master cuenta con un enfoque muy práctico, incluyendo el viaje a un congreso internacional incluído en el precio del Master y fomentando el trabajo en grupo. Desde los inicios del Master hemos incluído charlas de personas relevantes del Software Libre como son Richard Stallman, Marcelo Branco, Carlos Guerreiro, Tomeu Vizzoso o Alberto Abella.

Es posible acceder al Master con un coste final a partir de 2900€ gracias a la existencia de becas y prácticas remuneradas en las empresas colaboradoras y a la política de descuentos que hemos definido para los alumnos:

  • 10% por matriculación durante el plazo ordinario. Acumulable con los otros descuentos.
  • 20% por pertenecer a colectivos con acuerdos.
  • 30% a los dos mejores expedientes recibidos de entre los recién titulados.

Si además, participas en el Premio Fin de Carrera de Software Libre de Igalia contarás on otro 10% de descuento sobre el precio base. Consulta la política de precios y los  colectivos con descuentos.

El período ordinario de matriculación se cierra el 31 de Julio. Hazlo a través del formulario de inscripción

Módulo de desarrollo en entorno web

El plazo de inscripción para el curso de desarrollo en entorno web está abierto hasta el 28 de Mayo.

El módulo, que se desarrollará en Coruña, tendrá lugar los viernes y sábados desde el 11 de Junio hasta el 31 de Julio. A lo largo de la docencia, los alumnos se familiarizarán con las tecnologías usadas en estos entornos así como con las herramientas y prácticas habituales en los proyectos de software libre.

Te interesará este curso si:

  • Quieres desarrollar para entornos web con tecnologías RIA, php, java.
  • Deseas participar en comunidades de software libre y te interesa conocer sus métodos de gestión, comunicación, herramientas con las que se interactúa, etc.


Navalplan at III Asolif companies summit

I been talking about Navalplan at III Asolif companies summit where free software companies from Spain meet to create new business opportunities, to collaborate in  projects or to do some networking. There, we have found some companies that saw this project as an interesting project and they are going to try it out. You could do the same :)!!!

NavalPlan is an application boosted by “Fundación para o Fomento da Calidade Industrial e o Desenvolvemento Tecnolóxico de Galicia” to improve the production management of the companies from galician naval auxiliary sector. However, it is very useful for other companies that plan their companies based on projects, being able to plan, follow their projects and control employee hours assigned to projects.

Navalplan website

Yes!, we have name “Navalplan” and we have new website “”.

This is going to be the site where we will publish main project resources. At this moment, we explain what is the project about, publish a link to online demo and information about where the source code can be downloaded.

We are still in development phase so during next weeks we will publish more information and resources (like deb packages, user documents, etc).

Production management project

Today I was talking in “Free Software World Conference” in Caceres about a project Igalia is developing for Xunta de Galicia and naval companies. We don’t have name for it, I think we will have one at the end of  December. However, we have some public resources:

  • Git temp repository:
  • Bugtracker
  • Last deployment: User: admin/admin.

This project is licensed as AGPL. You can test it and if you have any comments they will be welcome.

Master on Free Software

Tomorrow is the last day to register in Master on Free Software, organized by Igalia and URJC. I would like to encourage everyone in doubt to join this master because you will learn and work a lot :), if you need more information you could access to our website.

During last days, Chema and me have been talking to some radios explaining how this master is and I hope some of you could listen to us :).

Go for it!.

Guadec 2009

During the first week of July I enjoyed a week in Gran Canaria with my colleagues in Guadec 2009, where I attended very interesting conferences about the future of Gnome. Some weeks had gone by since then 🙂 but I would like to talk about it because it was my first Guadec.

I am founder of Igalia but because of professional or personal reasons I had never been to a Guadec. However, my personal assessment for my first time in the Guadec is very positive, because this kind of conferences are good places to learn what other people is working on, to meet them and to do some interesting networking. But it is also important because it is a very good place to enjoy a good time with all the community.

About lectures, I enjoyed the lectures with new proposals for Gnome 3.0 but I would like to stress the one made by Xan López and Fernando Herrera about the history of Gnome. It was very funny!.

About organization, I would like to thank all the volunteers who were part of the organization for the effort done helping us and trying to make us feeling the best we could. I know there were problems (connection, first days with restaurants) but it is very difficult to avoid them in an event like this.

It was a great time so I’m looking forward to enjoy this experience again.