Guadec 2009

During the first week of July I enjoyed a week in Gran Canaria with my colleagues in Guadec 2009, where I attended very interesting conferences about the future of Gnome. Some weeks had gone by since then 🙂 but I would like to talk about it because it was my first Guadec.

I am founder of Igalia but because of professional or personal reasons I had never been to a Guadec. However, my personal assessment for my first time in the Guadec is very positive, because this kind of conferences are good places to learn what other people is working on, to meet them and to do some interesting networking. But it is also important because it is a very good place to enjoy a good time with all the community.

About lectures, I enjoyed the lectures with new proposals for Gnome 3.0 but I would like to stress the one made by Xan López and Fernando Herrera about the history of Gnome. It was very funny!.

About organization, I would like to thank all the volunteers who were part of the organization for the effort done helping us and trying to make us feeling the best we could. I know there were problems (connection, first days with restaurants) but it is very difficult to avoid them in an event like this.

It was a great time so I’m looking forward to enjoy this experience again.

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