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Web Engines Hackfest 2023 is coming

Next week Igalia is hosting a new edition of the Web Engines Hackfset in A Coruña.

As last year we’ll be back at Palexco an amazing venue and we have around 100 people registered to participate onsite. You can check the full schedule of the event at the wiki page.

We hope it’s going to be a great week for everyone, and we’re looking forward to the event!

Talks #

On Monday 5th there will be five talks:

I’m really happy about the set of talks, and particularly excited about the possibility to see the presentations about some less known web rendering engines like WPE, Servo and LibWeb. BTW, the talks will be live streamed in the Web Engines Hackfest YouTube channel.

Breakout Sessions #

Apart from that we’ll have breakout sessions as usual. But this year, remote participation will be allowed on these sessions; you don’t need to register or anything like that, just join the room on the GitHub issues of each breakout session at the planned time.

Breakout Session Facilitator Issue
Cross-Shadow Root IDREF associations Alice Boxhall #10
Getting into web engine contributing CanadaHonk #20
Maintenace of Chromium downstream José Dapena Paz #9
Servo Martin Robinson #16
Standards and Web Performance Daniel Ehrenberg #8
Test262, Testing JavaScript Conformance Philip Chimento #19
Updates on accelerated compositing in WebKitGTK Carlos García Campos #18
Wasm GC in JavaScriptCore Zalim Bashorov #12
Wayland Antonio Gomes #13
WebKit and Linux graphics Žan Doberšek #15
WebViews and Apps Jonas Kruckenberg #11
WinterCG Andreu Botella #14
Wolvic: An open source XR browser Javier Fernández García-Boente #17

More sessions might be scheduled during the event so keep an eye to the hackfest wiki page and issues.

Sponsors #

Last, but not least. Thanks to the Web Engines Hackfest sponsors Arm, Google and Igalia; without your support this event won’t be possible.

Web Engines Hackfest 2023 Sponsors