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Igalia Coding Experience on Web Engines

In Igalia we’re looking for people to join the Igalia Coding Experience program. Basically we’re opening positions for internships in different fields related to some of our teams like multimedia, compilers, networking or web platform. The main purpose is to give students and recent graduates an initial taste of coding in industry. Where you could work together with several Igalia hackers on different free software projects.

I’m part of the web platform team where we work on different tasks related to the core of several web engines. Apart from our work on CSS Grid Layout in Blink and WebKit, that you probably know if you follow my blog, Igalia has been working on other topics like:

In our team we’re looking for a student willing to help on some of this topics. Probably, the final work might be somehow related to CSS Grid Layout where we’ve a bunch of peripheral tasks that would be really useful. Some ideas off the top of my head:

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but just some examples so you can realize the type of tasks you’ll be doing. Of course, depending on the profile of the selected person we’ll choose the task that fits better.

If you’re interested in this internship or any other from the rest of the teams, you can find all the details and conditions in our website. We’re a company spread all around the globe, with igalians in different countries and timezones (from Seoul to San Francisco). And, of course, these internships are remote friendly.

On top of that, Igalia is hiring too, just in case you already have some experience and are looking for a job. Again you can find all the information at

Last but not least, Igalia welcomes everyone and encourages applications from members of underrepresented groups in the free software community. We’re aiming to keep a diverse environment in our company.