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CSS Grid Layout from the inside out (HTML5DevConf 2015)

As I announced in a previous blog post I was attending HTML5DevConf past October, where I gave a talk about CSS Grid Layout. The video of my talk is now online, so I thought it would be a good moment to remember the days in sunny San Francisco.

My Talk #

First of all, thanks to the organization for giving me the chance to speak about CSS Grid Layout during the conference.

My talk was in one of the rooms of the Contemporary Jewish Museum. The room was full and people got really excited about CSS Grid Layout. This is not a big surprise as I have the same feeling every time someone speaks about it in any event. Thanks for attending my talk and for the nice feedback. 😊

During the talk we reviewed the main features provided by Grid Layout spec with live coding examples. Then I also explained the work that the browser has to do to render a grid. And finally we checked the current status on the different browser engines.

The slides have been available on my blog since the conference’s date, but now the video has been published in YouTube. If you missed it, you’ve the opportunity to watch it now. I hope you enjoy it!

Video of my talk: *CSS Grid Layout from the inside out*

Conference Highlights #

HTML5DevConf is a huge conference, lots of people around, several talks at the same time in different venues, etc.

The JavaScript language, as expected, was one of the hot topics. There were some nice talks explaining the new stuff from ECMAScript 6 (ES6), and even talking about some stuff from ES7. For example, they were explaining things like arrow functions that were implemented in Chromium/V8 by some of my colleagues at Igalia.

Jamund Ferguson talking about arrow functions during his talk Jamund Ferguson talking about arrow functions during his talk

However, I’d like to highlight the talk by Parashuram Narasimhan called Measuring web Perf ? Lets write an app for that !!. During the talk he explained a tool called browser-perf which automates performance measurements in web pages. For example, you can test scrolling on a page and get the FPS and other performance parameters from DevOps tools. The cool thing is that you can very easily create a bot to monitor this and check if you’re suffering any regression. If you’re interested you can watch the video too.

San Francisco #

Traveling to California is a long trip, but it really paid off. The weather was perfect and I had time for some sightseeing (as you can see in my flickr album). San Francisco is a lovely city and, despite of the hills, is a neat place for biking and walking. On top of that, my fellow igalian Martin Robinson was really kind and showed me some nice spots in the city. Big thanks Martin!

Sun and waves at Ocean Beach Sun and waves at Ocean Beach

After spending my whole life in front of the Atlantic Ocean, I couldn’t resist it so I went to Ocean Beach in order to try (and taste) the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

Conclusion #

Overall, it was an incredible experience in a wonderful city, I fell in love with San Francisco. 😍

Regarding the conference itself, it was nice to make an update of my presentation at CSS Conf 2015. In addition it was useful to follow the cutting edge stuff around the web platform.

Hopefully I’ll have the possibility to keep showing you all the awesome features provided by Grid Layout in some other conferences during 2016. Fingers crossed!

Igalia logo Bloomberg logo
Igalia and Bloomberg working together to build a better web

Lastly, as you probably know all the work around CSS Grid Layout in Blink and WebKit is the result of a collaboration between Bloomberg and Igalia. Thanks folks for your support.