LibrePlan website frontpageI’m sure that you have already notice it, but last LibrePlan version comes with a new website that you can visit at The new website has been designed by Opsou (authors of the new logo) and sponsored by Igalia (the main company behind LibrePlan project).

About the website I’d like to explain the different sections:

  • Frontpage: Where you can find a few short texts explaining the most important features of the project. Together with a list of news (mixed with imported tweets from @libreplan) around the project and several links to other website sections.
  • Info: Is divided in 4 subsections where you can find different information about LibrePlan. From the special features that make it different of other planning tools to project history, documentation and license data.
  • Features: Consists of a comprehensive description of all project features. Features are grouped in different subsections and provide screenshots to understand them better.
  • Services: That section contains the main services provided around LibrePlan and the companies involved. As you can see different services are explained in each subsection: consultancy & training, customization & development, deployment & SaaS and, also, how to join us and get involved in the project. If you are interested in any of them you can contact us in the last section of the website.
  • Contact: A section with information about the different ways to contact us in order to request help, support or whatever you need around LibrePlan.

Apart from the main website there are also other services around the project:

  • LibrePlan Planet: A blog aggregator where you can find all the posts done by the development team about the project.
  • LibrePlan Demo: On-line demo to play with last LibrePlan stable version in order to test it and check its main features.
  • LibrePlan Development Wiki: Wiki with information useful for project developers and contributors. All the development around LibrePlan is coordinated and documented with this wiki.
  • Page: LibrePlan uses infrastructure. In this page you can find the different resources around the project: published files, mailing lists, user forums and source code repository.
  • LibrePlan Bugzilla: Bug tracking tool to report and manage issues in the project. Anybody could report any problem, error, bug, issue there and the development team would take care to fix it as soon as possible depending on the different priorities of the moment.
  • LibrePlan Jenkins: We use Jenkins for Continuous Integration (CI). Every night LibrePlan project is built and tests are passing for both PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. If any problem happens, developers are automatically notified in order to fix it.
  • LibrePlan Nightly Builds: Taking advantage of project being built every night, we have an unstable deployment with the last developments done. This is a comfortable way to check the last features implemented in LibrePlan, however it’s not valid for a production environment as it’s not so tested like a stable release.
  • LibrePlan Sonar: Sonar is a tool to check software quality. LibrePlan code is checked in order to detect and fix the most important issues.
  • LibrePlan Maven Repository: LibrePlan depends on some specific packages modified by the development team that are not available in Maven central repositories. For that reason we have our own Maven repository in order to ease users and developers to download modified packages used in the project.

After reading it twice the list is quite bigger and we’re already thinking in other stuff (we’ll keep you informed).

Finally, I’d like to wish you all a happy new leap year!