Maybe you don’t know Transifex, an open source platform for software projects localization. It supports a great variety of files including the two kind of translation formats that we use in LibrePlan:

  • .po: GNU gettext localization system. The whole LibrePlan application but reports is translated with this kind of files.
  • .properties: Standard Java localization files. We use this kind of files in LibrePlan reports generated with JasperReports.

From now on, LibrePlan translators wouldn’t have to deal with these files if they don’t want to. They can use directly to translate LibrePlan to different languages. The main advantage, is that you just need a browser to translate all these files. We think that this is going to make translators’ life easier.

LibrePlan translation status (main localization file)As you can see in the image, LibrePlan is fully translated into: English, Spanish and Galician. Moreover, it’s almost 100% in Portuguese, and around 80% in Russian.

Finally, I’d like to thank our translators for their hard work, we’re really happy to count with their contributions. And, I’d also like to encourage any other people to help us to have LibrePlan available in more languages (some new languages are already ongoing). Now, it’s going to be easier than ever.