One of the important features of NavalPlan is the integration with other software like, for example, ERPs. This integration is done with different web services provided by the application.

When we talk about NavalPlan integration we usually explain two different ways:

  • With 3rd party applications: Allowing connect your ERP with NavalPlan to send your project data, resources and even the hours worked by them.

    In order to send data to NavalPlan or extract data from it you will need to use the implemented web services. I’ve been writing a small document explaining how to use and test NavalPlan web services, as some users where lately asking the same questions about this topic. There’re web servicies for a lot of entities and it’s not hard to develop a new one if needed.

  • With other NavalPlan instances: Sending parts of your project to subcontractors allowing to report project progress. This is done in the main interface of NavalPlan with different visual options.

I hope you find this new document useful and now you can understand better how NavalPlan web services work.