It’s been over 4 years since I joined Igalia back in April 2007. This has been a really nice period in my personal and professional life, I haven’t stopped to learn from the beginning and enjoyed the time with the rest of Igalia crew. Following the expected path, past month I’ve become parter and co-owner of the company, which makes me feel really happy and proud. It’s really great share this experience with all you guys ;-).

Igalia Summit Spring/Summer 2011 group photo by QuiueOn the other hand, last weekend of May, we arranged a new Igalia Summit, this time in Palas de Rei (Lugo). As usual I didn’t miss the chance to attend and I took advantage to meet the last igalians joining the team and enjoy the weekend there. Even being a poor guitarist, I dared to join the Igalia Blues Band (the band that doesn’t play blues) :D.

Like my last times in Igalia are fully attached to NavalPlan, I’d like to give a update in project as I haven’t written any posts during May (this could mean that we’ve been working really hard in NavalPlan 1.1 release):

  • Back in May Diego Pino presented NavalPlan at LinuxTag 2011 in Berlin (see the slides with some demo videos).
  • A new company, ComtecSF, is joining the development team together with Igalia and Wireless Galicia. They are currently working in LDAP integration, I’d like to thank Ignacio Díaz and Cristina Alvariño for their work and collaboration.

    More companies are showing interest in the project too and, as time passes, more users appear.

  • Version 1.2 is planned for September and roadmap is already defined. This will be the first version using the new name LibrePlan 1.2, we’ll try to have the new website ready on time.
  • Finally past Tuesday, the 7th, we published NavalPlan 1.1.1, the last stable release, with several performance improvements.

PS: If you haven’t tried NavalPlan yet, you should give it a try. It’s going to make your life easier in your daily project management tasks and it’ll help you to manage and plan your projects and resources.