Yesterday, NavalPlan community met at #navalplan channel on IRC. Even when most of us are igalians, also some other external people attended and participated in the meeting. We’re really glad to see that project community is growing bit by bit. ;-)

In the meeting we defined the roadmap for next release, more info in the official piece of news. This was the first public meeting of NavalPlan and, IMHO, it worked quite well, so we’ll repeat the experience in the future.

BTW, Igalia web group is looking for a new hacker to help us keep rocking on the web free software world. Send us your resume if you’re interested.


On 11/01/30 11:32, Webdesign Oberschwaben wrote:

What Typo3 Version did you use? The new Typo3 Version 4.5 LTS?

On 11/01/31 11:45, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:

Sorry, but I don’t understand your question in this post. If you’re asking about website we’re currently using TYPO3 4.4.6.