Since May 2009 a group of igalians have been working in a web application called NavalPlan. Maybe, you already know this project because of it was already presented by my mate Xavi in his blog some time ago. We’ve been very busy with this project (you can check it in the ohloh page) but now we can devote some time to the free software side of the project.

On the one hand, NavalPlan is licensed under AGPL. This license is really interesting for web apps because, if you simply use GPL, someone could modify your application and run it in a server without publish the changes (this doesn’t mean redistribute, it’s just serve). However, using AGPL it’s necessary that all the modified source code becomes available to the community if it’s used in a network server.

On the other hand, we used a public Git repository at from the very beginning. But, this week we’ve moved the repository to together with other resources like: mailing lists, forums, … (see the piece of news about that for more info).

To sum up, from now on we’re going to use these public resources available at NavalPlan page at We would be very grateful if we get some feedback from new users, developers and contributors trough them.