As part of the Mancomún project we need to use a forum with the next features:

  • Anonymous users
  • Captcha prevention
  • RSS
  • BBCode

So I’ve been testing different TYPO3 extensions:

  • mm_forum: The most used and with community and recent activity. Only one problem not logged users can’t write posts.
  • chc_forum: Not updated since 2006. Without Captcha prevention. RSS feed is added with another extension.
  • wec_discussion: An active extension, but with a forum system quite simple and without BBCode support.

All of them miss some of the required features. After some tests I decided to use chc_forum, mainly because we’ve already used it in a previous project and another extension already provides Captcha prevention, but it’s not working properly.

I’d prefer to use mm_forum but it was more difficult to add the missed feature. I’ve added a new issue and I hope that this feature will be implemented in order to improve this great extension.

Finally, the result is:


On 09/01/21 04:26, Michael Cannon wrote:

Thank you for your TYPO3 contribution of captcha for chc_forum.

Have you other extensions?

On 09/01/21 09:44, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:

Hello Michael,

yes we have more extensions published.

For example:

  • gl_transstat: If you have a multilanguage website, I strongly recommend you to install this extension. It makes very easy create translations for pages and records. This extension is very useful.
  • gl_pages_cat: Allows to relate pages with tt_news categories and filter tt_news plugins depending on page categories.
  • tipafriend_captcha: Like chc_forum_captcha but for Tip-A-Friend extension.
  • accessible_ratings: It’s based on ratings extension, but this works without JavaScript.

Thanks for your comment,

On 09/01/29 08:54, Michael Cannon wrote:

I use accessible_ratings for Acqal Blogging. It works like a charm.

Is there documentation or lives samples f gl_pages_cat that you can share?

On 09/01/29 09:13, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:

You can check the extension manual or the wiki at TYPO3 Forge (now they have the same contents).