We’ve just released the new version of MyTime the main new feature is that now the information about applications use registered by MyTime is stored remotely, so you can use MyTime in different computers and share the same data.

If you want to use this new feature you’ll need an account at Box.net, a web service that allows users to store files online, and set this account at MyTime preferences.

Moreover MyTime 0.2 is integrated with Online Desktop because it’s using the Online Desktop account system to store the Box.net account. We’ve developed a library (libmytime-common) that has the responsibility to manage the account data depending on if there’s an Online Desktop session, when it uses the Online Desktop account system, or not, then it uses the GNOME Keyring.

Feel free to test this new release, we’ll be glad if you give us your feedback.

PS: MyTime is on Softpedia.