Siggy arrived to extras

fast post to announce that siggy 0.4.2 has finished its testing quarantine and it’s now available on the extras repository 🙂


5 thoughts on “Siggy arrived to extras”

  1. I am having a problem with your interesting application. I have just installed it from the maemo-extra repository, but as soon as I enter a name to create a new account and a number for the budget, the app answers “error creating account”. I have tried with different numbers (500, 1200, 1500) but I keep getting the error back. Any solution? Thanks. Giovanni (Italy)

    1. @Giovanni:

      That’s probably because you had installed a previous testing version of the application that is not database compatible with this one.
      You just have to remove the database you created with the other version. Just open the XTerm and write:
      rm -rf /home/user/.siggy
      and hit enter.
      Try launching siggy again. The problem should be fixed 😉

  2. You’re right! Now it works perfectly.
    By the way, is the desktop version (Linux, I suppose) already available or do we have to wait for version 0.5?
    Thanks a lot for your very good job and your extremely quick answer. Giovanni

    1. You can get the latest version from the repository (which contains the desktop version working) and build the package. It’s quite easy. But probably I won’t create new packages until version 0.5.

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