Vagalume dressed for the Moblin party

Something I’ve been playing with that I’ve not mentioned before was my experiments adapting Vagalume to the Moblin look and feel.

As you know, Moblin’s UI is (should I say was???) Clutter based, with lots of fancy transitions. Also, it uses fullscreen windows in a one-window-per-desktop approach, and there aren’t dropdown menus neither dialogs.

And as you also know, Vagalume has a non fullscreen Gtk+ based window. And it uses dropdown menus and dialogs.

So, this needed a bit of love 🙂

I started by adding some fancy effects to the UI by using Clutter. I did some modifications to the Vagalume controller so I could get more than one cover at a time and put them into a GtkClutterEmbed, with a rotation effect when switching from a song to the next one. I shouldn’t say it, but the result was quite cool 😛 :

And then started with the menu. I removed all the dropdown stuff and replaced it a side panel. This panel can stay hidden or shown.

When some of the options in the panel is clicked, is expanded, hiding the cover list widget, and showing the different suboptions, as you can see in the image:

And finally, I added to the cover list widget the capability to show error messages, so no dialogs were needed to do it, and put the window in fullscreen mode. I think the result integrates pretty well, don’y you think? 😉

I uploaded the package to the Intel AppStore so it is (or should be at some point) available. But if you want to play a bit, you can clone my repo at the Igalia ( and check the moblin branch.

Hope you like it! 🙂