Not all is work :)

I joined Borbolla hockey club several years ago, mainly to play my last years of semi-professional hockey. Its a very modest club, without money enough to pay for players (like other clubs), or material and sport equipment. I’ve been recruit players, who wants only to enjoy sport and not only competition.


After several years, i think we achieve to form a very good team, very funny and not too serious 🙂 but with a lot of talent. Now, this weekend we played a very important match against the first classified, We won the first match and we arrived separated only for two points, so it seemed a very hard match, and for sure it was. We won 2-3 in Ordenes court (noticia).
After this victory, we are first in general classification with a lot of chances of gain regional competition and get access to promotion tournament in Pamplona. The winner of this tournament will get access to 1ª (national) division.