Business management software and GNOME

I recently was in the Guadec conferences at Vilanova to present the Fisterra development platform as a first try to build an open architecture to build business management applications (ERP). I knew this is a few popular kind of project inside GNOME roadmap and i would like to summarise my experiences during this conference.
The conclusions about this subject can be described in the following list :

  • There is a low interesting about this kind of applications by the GNOME community.
  • The GNOME project is focused to improve the GNOME desktop , making special efforts to build new multimedia applications and to optimise the performance of all GNOME technologies.
  • There are a few projects oriented to this kind of applications like Glom, Stock, Gapzacho, Kiwi.
  • There isn’t a open architecture proposal for business management applications.
  • The GNOME community does not takes into account the business wok environment as target of future developments.

These are only a few ideas and personal experiences extracted from my first Guadec conference. I would like to discuss about them in this blog, show my efforts to change the current situation and notice the importance of business management software to increase the GNOME desktop implantations.