Good news! Finally, we are using containers in Travis CI for Grilo!. Something I was trying for a while, but we achived it now. I must say that a post Bassi wrote was the trigger for getting into this. So all my kudos to him!

I did a new release of grilo plugins only one week after the previous release because it includes a patch that people from gnome-photos would like to see in next GNOME 3.9 pre-release.

There’s a lot of time I don’t blog about Grilo. But it doesn’t mean we are not working on it! Here at Igalia we do, and we also get lot of contributions from community. All the announcements are sent to the Grilo mailing list.

Are you interested on Grilo? Are you going to Desktop Summit 2011? Then let’s meet there. Among other igalians,

Last Thursday we announced the release of Grilo (and its plugins set) 0.1.6.

My workmate Iago is giving a talk about Grilo in GUADEC2010, and

Some time ago I posted about our work to bring Grilo content to D-Bus world (rygel-grilo), so other applications (mainly Rygel) could consume it. This was done using a specification written by Zeeshan, MediaServer1 specification, originally intended to be used with Rygel.

Some time has passed since the last release of Grilo. But now we are proud to announce a new release, 0.1.5, both for Grilo and its plugins set.

When Iago told about the Totem plugin based on Grilo , Bastien mentioned that it would be great if Grilo could provide the content over D-Bus. This would have a series of benefits, like sources running in a different space than clients, they could be implementend in any language, and...

As the same time Iago was blogging about the Totem plugin based on Grilo, we were releasing a new version of grilo: 0.1.3

We want to make life easier for all people that want to try Grilo. So we have set up a PPA for Grilo.

We have released a new version of Grilo, 0.1.2, a framework that provides access to different sources of multimedia content.

Iago did a good introduction about Grilo some days ago. As he told, source code is kept in Gitorious, and we welcome any feedback, patches or plugins. Take in account that this is a starting work, so probably lot of changes might happen.