We have released a new version of Grilo, 0.1.2, a framework that provides access to different sources of multimedia content.

Main changes is this release are:

  • Improved Vala bindings

  • Removed flickcurl from Flickr source

  • Added support for gupnp-av-1.0 new versions (greater or equal than 0.5)

  • Added two new sources:

    • Shoutcast: get content from popular SHOUTcast internet radio stations.

    • Bookmarks: helps to create bookmarks to multimedia content

The work done in flickr and upnp sources has allowed to remove specific packaging branches for Jaunty, Lucid, Sid and Lenny: now you can use debian branch to build the packages in all those distributions.

Besides it, the main reason for getting rid of flickcurl library in Flickr source is that lack of a asynchronous API. As right now we are using a small subset of flickr service API, we have decided to implement our own way of accessing Flickr.

Nevertheless, our mate Mario is working in a project called flicksoup (a pet project so far), that try to fix this problem, providing a very good asynchronous API. We hope to move to that library in future.

Now, time to test Grilo 0.1.2, and stay tuned for news!

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