GUADEC 2013 is around the corner.


Igalia is kindly sponsoring my attendance, as well as other mates, to this wonderful conference, where all years I meet good friends, and do new ones.

I’ll be there from August, 1st to 5th, both included. On saturday 3rd I’ll give a talk about Grilo. If you are using Grilo or willing to, join us to the talk. Of course, I always welcome any question, so if you see me and want to ask anything, don’t hesitate to address me.

Also, I expect to attend on 5th the gnome-music BoF. gnome-music is one of the programs I collaborate with that heavily use Grilo. I really suggest to give a try. I’ts so nice!

Besides all above, Igalia will have a booth during all the event, where we will be showing some of the cool things we do. I still don’t know where it be exactly located, but if you see us, come there!

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