As the same time Iago was blogging about the Totem plugin based on Grilo, we were releasing a new version of grilo: 0.1.3

What can you find in this release?

  • A ranking mechanism for plugins: if several plugins are able to provide the same information, this ranking helps to choose which one should be used.

  • New functions to search for sources: now it is possible to search for sources that implement some capabilities. Do you want to know which sources can be searched? No problem. Now it is possible.

  • A new key, bitrate: you know, the standard key to know bitrate of clips.

  • Some improvements in grilo-test-ui: besides other improvements, now eog, totem and mplayer are the default players.

  • Documentation for some classes: we should not forget about adding documentation to classes. It is a bit boring, but a compulsory task. So lets do it step by step.

  • Improvements in plugins: some improvements we were doing in available plugins

  • New plugin, Apple™ Trailers: this new plugin allows to get the latest trailers from Apple™.

As usual, we have packaged this new release, so you can find it here and here. Also, if you use Ubuntu and are a bit lazy, do not forget that a PPA is set up.

Finally, as there is life beyond Debian and deb-based distros, a new branch to create RPM packages for grilo and grilo-plugins have been added. We have been testing it with Fedora 12, and seems it works fine.

As you see, there are no excuses to try Grilo :wink:.

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