FileTea now available in Debian

In the past few weeks I’ve been preparing the Debian packages of FileTea and its companion EventDance. They’re finally available.

FileTea is a free, web-based file sharing system that just works. It only requires a browser, and no user registration is needed. If you want to know more about it, you can read my previous blog post. For a more detailed description, read Nathan Willis’s excellent article on There have been a few changes since that article (HTTPS support in particular) but it’s still the best one you can find on the net.

Igalia still provides a FileTea server at, that you can use to share your files and see how it works. We plan to keep offering this service, but you don’t need to trust it/depend on it anymore: now you can apt-get install filetea and have your own.

6 thoughts on “FileTea now available in Debian

  1. Eduardo Lima Mitev

    Joachim, we still don’t have a bug tracker setup. We will apply for hosting filetea within GNOME infrastructure, but until that happens you can e-mail me any bug report or feature request to elima at I know this is not a comfortable way of doing it but it is supposed to be temporary.

    Also, if you use Debian you can file a bug against it at


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