Maemo SDK beta released: Hildon development is now open!

The Maemo 5 Beta SDK has just been released. Apart from the many changes introduced since the alpha release, one important milestone is that from now on the development of Hildon and Modest will be open and hosted at the Maemo Garage in a public Git repository.

For Hildon we now have a development mailing list where you can talk to us, make suggestions, contribute, complain or simply follow the progress of this project.

I’d like to thank Nokia for having taken yet another step towards openness, and of course all the people who have been supporting Maemo, using it, spreading it, developing for it and reporting bugs.

Let’s make Maemo 5 a success!

7 thoughts on “Maemo SDK beta released: Hildon development is now open!

  1. ossi1967

    I must have missed quite a bit of hildon history…. 😉

    My last info was that Hildon was opened and pushed upstream in January 2007 (although I never had the impression it really took off from there). I wasn’t aware that it moved back to closed development since then to be re-opened now.

    Is there some place in the webs where I can read about that… you know, what happened when, how, why, …?

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  3. berto

    Well, I wasn’t in the Hildon team at that time, but as far as I know there was only a repository at

    In Fremantle, development was made internally (for reasons that I don’t know), but now the project not only has a public repo again, but it has also been completely moved to garage and we have an open mailing list for development.

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