7 years of Igalia

It seems that it was yesterday when we started this company, and look at us now (not all Igalians are in the photo, unfortunately) …

Igalia Summit 2008

These years have been an amazing experience to us. We’ve tried to do our best in our work and I honestly think that the results haven’t been bad, but I’m sure that the best is yet to come. Thanks to everyone who supported us during all this time.

On another note, we’ve just arrived from Berlin. The city is lovely and while OSiM was good, I have to say that Maemo Summit was really great (look how happy we are in the photo, courtesy of Daniel Gentleman).

Maemo Summit 2008

Congratulations to all the people that made it possible, including of course the c-base crew for maintaining such an unique place. I’m looking forward to repeating the experience next year. I’ll try to blog a bit about it soon. But now I need to rest !

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