Jul 20

Hello world!

I am Alex, working on Chromium since 2013, Igalian since 2019, and chromie for a while now.

Chromie? Yes, that is what Chromium engineers use when referring to themselves. However, I did not know that until I joined Igalia, started contributing to the project more often than I used to before, and joined some chats where chromies communicate. I wish I knew when this cute moniker was born.

So, I have been working on Chromium for quite a few years now. The project is huge, it evolves as the world does, and it tries to lead the web and to be ahead of what people want. We serve the web, but we also shape it and make it better. This mission is exciting and never gets boring.

Throughout my whole career I had been working for companies where blogging about work implied supervision from the management and was generally frowned upon. Software engineers were supposed to write code, not blog posts. Here at Igalia it is all different; we work with open source for the public, and speaking aloud about what we do is part of that work.

This seems to be a perfect opportunity to get back into blogging.