Vagalume 0.8.5

Posted by berto on July 01, 2011

Dear fellows, I’ve just released Vagalume 0.8.5.

Vagalume 0.8.5

These are the most important changes since the previous version:

  • Improved proxy support.
  • Support for low-bitrate streams, to save bandwidth.
  • GTK+ 3 support.
  • New Catalan translation.

This makes 0.8.5 the first Vagalume to support GTK+ 3, and this without even needing to break backwards compatibility. So now it compiles with any GTK+ version from (at least) 2.6 till 3.0 :-)

Source code, as usual, here. Binaries very soon in your favourite distro.


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  1. Hello Kitty Wed, 24 Aug 2011 14:43:52 CEST

    Thank you for sharing, i will download and see, hope can save bandwidth as you said.