Vagalume 0.8 released, now with support for

Vagalume 0.8 has just been released. This is the first version to come with support for and the Nokia N900.

Here’s how it looks (click to enlarge):

Vagalume on a Nokia N900

We also have a new logo designed by Otto Krüja:

Vagalume logo

Many things have changed since the previous version. These are some of the highlights (read the full list here):

  • Implemented the Web Services API v2.0
  • Support for and other services
  • Support for Maemo 5 (Nokia N900)
  • New logo and other UI changes
  • Sleep timer (i.e. stop playback after X minutes)
  • New configuration setting to download free tracks automatically

If you are interested in or the support for multiple servers you should read the Vagalume FAQ.

Very important for N900 users: as you may already know, does not allow streaming music to mobile phones. If you are user and you have a Nokia N900 then you should really read the FAQ (and also this post).

N900 users will also notice that the UI hasn’t been completely adapted to the Maemo 5 style. That is going to happen soon, but since I didn’t want to delay this release even more, this version uses the classic UI.

A Moblin version is also in the works. Expect a release soon.

Updated 15 Dec 2009: Some users are experiencing connection problems after upgrading to Vagalume 0.8. This problem has already been fixed, so expect a new version soon.

Updated 16 Dec 2009: I’ve just released Vagalume 0.8.1 with the aforementioned fix (see changes here).

Updated 21 Dec 2009: And Vagalume 0.8.2 is out, with one more fix for another connection problem (see changes here).

25 thoughts on “Vagalume 0.8 released, now with support for”

  1. > as you may already know, does not allow streaming music to mobile phones.

    Last I checked, applications like Mobbler (for s60) worked fine. Are you *sure* that streaming wouldn’t work? Have you discussed about the matter with people?

  2. > Is that a spermatozoid on your logo ?

    Clicked through to post the same comment; glad to see at least one other person’s mind is as damaged as mine.

  3. I upgraded to 0.8, had issues – read up on the issues and presumed that 0.81 would fix my issue – when it didn’t I checked a few things.

    In the end it turned out that it was the capitalization of the username that has changed. In-place upgrade from 0.71 to 0.8, and my username was listed as Eben01 not eben01 – don’t know if it was always that way, or if it changed in the upgrade process. Regardless, changed it back to lowercase and all is now well.


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