12 thoughts on “Out in the street”

  1. My biggest issue is the fact that Linux is not mentioned anywhere in the ad. How do people know this is Linux ?
    We need a “linux inside” stick, the same than “Intel inside” ones. We should force manufacturer using Linux based products to mention it somewhere, notably on the ad or produc manual/description.

    Without this, Linux doesn’t exist for the end user. Only the corporate society take all the benefits thansk to their brand. A pure Linux enterprise won’t be able to capitalized on Linux brand, as the end user never hear something about Linux.

  2. Well, that ad doesn’t say anything but the name 🙂

    However if you go to the official page to see the details of the product you can see that it runs Linux.

    Linux is also advertised in the Nokia website (e.g., see these banners on the Spanish and French sites, they’re being displayed on the front page).

    I think they’re saying quite clearly that it runs Linux 😉

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