Maemo SDK beta released: Hildon development is now open!

Posted by berto on April 29, 2009

The Maemo 5 Beta SDK has just been released. Apart from the many changes introduced since the alpha release, one important milestone is that from now on the development of Hildon and Modest will be open and hosted at the Maemo Garage in a public Git repository.

For Hildon we now have a development mailing list where you can talk to us, make suggestions, contribute, complain or simply follow the progress of this project.

I’d like to thank Nokia for having taken yet another step towards openness, and of course all the people who have been supporting Maemo, using it, spreading it, developing for it and reporting bugs.

Let’s make Maemo 5 a success!

Última hora: bus grátis para ir ver a Stallman a Vigo

Posted by berto on April 28, 2009

Se queres ir ver a Richard Stallman a Vigo e precisas transporte, podes vir no bus que Igalia vai pôr para ir desde Corunha, passando por Santiago e Pontevedra. Mais info aqui. is no longer free

Posted by berto on April 23, 2009

Yesterday announced that from now on users will need a subscriber account in order to listen to their radio streams. The new API for streaming music has also been published.

I already talked about this change in my previous post and I think that I don’t have much more to add.

For those of you who are going to keep using I updated Vagalume yesterday and it’s already using the new API. I’ll try to test it more thoroughly during these days and release a new version soon.

I’m also interested in adding support for other compatible alternatives such as