After a long time

Today I’ve published cas_auth and caslogin extensions on Typo3 extension repository. You can download them from:

Both extensions have been developed in order to allow integration between CAS and Typo3.

As I said on a previous post -see CAS and Typo3 (II)-, an administrator must create a cas server in order to integrate CAS and Typo3. This kind of record is defined by cas_auth. Once the record exists, system knows where CAS server is running and tells to CAS server the url where Typo3 will check the user validation. Furthermore, cas_auth register an auth service offered by Typo3, so Typo3 will check user as cas_auth does it.

However, with cas_auth, Typo3 only knows how to validate users. Typo3 needs, a least, a frontend link or something to allow users to access to CAS login page. “Caslogin” creates and shows that link.

You’ll you can integrate completely CAS and Typo3 with these two extensions.

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