ReSiStance 0.8 with Google Reader support

I delayed a bit ReSiStance development during last months because we had a lot of work in Igalia’s WebKit team. But I managed to find some time during Xmass to advance some work and to review a couple of pending patches. The most important ones were by far, the Google Reader support ones. It all started with some sensational work done by Chus Picos. She did almost all the research regarding the status of Google Reader API (check here if you’re interested) and cooked a very nice set of initial patches....

January 11, 2011 · svillar

WebKitGtk+ HTTP cache ready!

It’s being a while since I joined the Igalia’s WebKitGtk+ team. Mainly focused on network stuff, I managed to tackle several issues during this time although nothing like what I call “the one”. Last week, after really a lot of work, we landed the patches that add HTTP cache support to WebKitGtk+. It all started in libsoup. The idea was to create an HTTP cache inside libsoup using the new-io branch started by Dan during the past WebKitGtk+ hackfest....

October 20, 2010 · svillar

ReSiStance 0.5 released

I released yesterday ReSiStance 0.5 with some bug fixes and two new really cool features: OMPL Import/Export: moving from other clients to ReSiStance should be easier now, and you can use the export feature also to backup your feed lists. Feed auto-discovery: this is THE killer feature of this release. Currently it uses the services. Just type a couple of words and ReSiStance will give you back a list of feeds that could be interesting for you....

August 19, 2010 · svillar

ReSiStance with WebKitGtk inside

I have released ReSiStance 0.3 (in case if you wonder what about v0.2, it is just that I didn’t blog about it, but it was released on Monday). I don’t know how it could happen, but I totally overlooked the presence of WebKitGtk python bindings in the Maemo repos by the time I started to code ReSiStance. I decided to move to WebKit as soon as I noticed my mistake, specially knowing all the cool features of WebKit Gtk port from the Igalia mates hacking on it....

April 2, 2010 · svillar

Vive la ReSiStance!

After all the hard work required to release Modest and Tinymail I finally found some energy to start a new pet project. I have never really liked the RSS reader that comes with the Nokia N900 Igalia gave me. I looks too “Diablo” and it’s not consistent at all with Fremantle look&feel. That’s why I decided to write my own and, at the same time, regain contact with Python. The result is ReSiStance 0....

March 22, 2010 · svillar

Tinymail 1.0 released

I’m really proud to announce the release of Tinymail 1.0. New packages are available here. It has been more than 3 years since the project started, and after all the hard work we think now it is time to release the first version of our beloved framework to build e-mail applications for mobile devices. Thank you very much to all contributors! Specially thanks to Philip, Dape, Dirk-Jan and Rob, you all rock guys!...

March 5, 2010 · svillar

The Postman always rings twice

Thanks to the hackfest time Igalia gently gives me every week I could resume the work I had previously started to add ENVELOPE support to tinymail. What’s this stuff about? Well basically what we can do now is ask the server for ENVELOPE instead of fetching a random set of headers (like ‘From:’, ‘Subject:’ …). Why is this cool? For several reasons: Speed: IMAP servers do cache ENVELOPE information so they do not have to inspect every email message to extract the requested headers....

February 19, 2010 · svillar

Some Modest sir? Sure, with Sugar please

Last week we received a very kind visitor. Tomeu Vizoso, maintainer and developer of several Sugar core modules, came to our office in A Coruña to share with us his ideas and to talk about the current status of the project. In a hole, creating technologies that help children and try to change education is really a very beautiful goal. We were shocked when Tomeu told us about the size of deployments in some countries of South America, keep rocking guys....

February 15, 2010 · svillar

Moblin support for Tinymail

I have just submitted a couple of patches (this and this) to Tinymail that add Moblin to the list of supported platforms. Basically the main addition is the TnyMoblinDevice, it’s an object that allows every application that uses Tinymail to use the connectivity services provided by Moblin’s Connection Manager. In order to build Tinymail for Moblin you just need to use –with-platform=moblin in the configure process.

February 10, 2010 · svillar

Dear GMail IMAP server developers

Some people have already complained about the way GMail IMAP works. With great power comes a great responsibility. Google guys, you have one of the largest email services in the world, so this means that you have to care a lot about users and clients. Dape recently reported and error in how GMail creates the body structure of some particular messages and still got no answer. Now I found that it does not return the full bodystructure of a multipart/mixed with two refc822 messages in it....

February 9, 2010 · svillar