Every now and then I try to devote some spare time to add new features to ReSiStance. For this release there are 3 major changes:

  • Item window new appearance
  • Open links in external browser
  • Labels support

The item window (aka the window that shows the contents of a particular blog post/news/whatever) has been completely reworked. The header (with the title of the post, the name of the author and the date) used to be an static label on the top that was always visible. That was not a good idea taking into account the size constraints we have for this kind of devices. That’s why I decided to embed all that info the the HTML of the feed item. Next/Prev buttons were also removed from the header. They’re now located on the right in landscape mode.

Another long awaited feature by users was the “open links in browser”. Finally I got some time to implement it.

Last but not least, ReSiStance got labels support (thanks to  Chus Picos again for the initial implementation). This means that you can decide whether to start ReSiStance with the “classic” window with all the feeds, or with a new window that shows a list of labels created by the user. Users can add feeds to one ore more labels and that way they could group them by topics, interests, languages…

This screencast shows these three new features in action:

from Igalia on Vimeo.

PS: as usual you can checkout the code from gitorious.