I’m really proud to announce the release of Tinymail 1.0. New packages are available here.

It has been more than 3 years since the project started, and after all the hard work we think now it is time to release the first version of our beloved framework to build e-mail applications for mobile devices. Thank you very much to all contributors! Specially thanks to Philip, Dape, Dirk-Jan and Rob, you all rock guys!

It is already being mentioned in the official announcement I sent to the tinymail devel list but I would like to highlight the main achievements of this release since the previous 0.0.9 pre-release:

  • New widgets to show the mailboxes tree as a plain list
  • New widget to expose only the latest messages of a mailbox
  • New download external images capability
  • Complete rework of IMAP IDLE
  • Improved namespace handling in IMAP
  • Locking, security and connectivity improvements in POP3 code
  • Improved MIME parsing (PGP/GPG parsing now works)
  • New asynchronous methods for getting folders and messages
  • Upated Vala & Python bindings
  • Improved support for 64-bit architectures

For those of you having a Nokia N900 this release contains more or less the same code shipped within your device (remember that Modest, the email program, is tinymail powered). For all people that followed the progresses in tinymail I blogged about recently (here, here or here) you will have to wait for v1.2 release. I promise you won’t have to wait that much…

17 thoughts on “Tinymail 1.0 released

  1. @pvanhoof
    Don’t worry, the world won’t end… by now. You’ll have to wait for next release. I’m implementing TnyBlackHole, there seem to be some leaks though…

  2. Really confused… You say that IMAP IDLE has been reworked, and you say that the code is pretty much what’s on the N900. But isn’t IMAP IDLE completely disabled on in the Fremantle Modest? Or have you fixed IMAP IDLE since Fremantle, in which case there’s a prayer of porting your fixes to Fremantle?

  3. Impressed? Nope. Tinymail 1.0 branch was present on Nokia N900 for some time. Ok, maybe there was no release but it is present there.

    Next firmware contains Modest 3.2.x which uses Tinymail 1.2 branch… So in half year from code being present on market device it will get release too?

  4. Awesome work! Thanks Sergio, Dape, Philip and all the others! It’s a great day
    and I am going to drink some expensive Finnish beers to celebrate this!

  5. I downloaded those packages and tried to open it using app manager but it doesn’t work. How am I supposed to install tinymail?

  6. @Jack Tanner I’ll try to explain what happened with IMAP IDLE. The original code was not working very well, it had a lot of problems mainly related to deadlocks. Then Dape, a colleague of mine at Igalia and also Modest developer, decided to completely change the locking code in IMAP IDLE. With that awesome work, IDLE started to work very well with no hangs or deadlocks at all.

    Why was it disabled in Fremantle? Just for one reason, power consumption. The code that performs the IDLE command wakes up the device twice a second, preventing it from going to deeper sleep modes and thus severely reducing the life time of the battery. The idea to fix it is to use PR_Poll() as we do in some other parts of the code. We didn’t have enough time so far, so if anyone is interested, there it is a great contribution.

  7. @Marcin Juszkiewicz we didn’t want to impress anybody. We just wanted to officially release some code, that as you said it was already being used (note that I even mentioned that it was already released with the N900, I’m not fooling anyone). The point is that distributions and developers need releases to work with a piece of code.

    Regarding 1.2 our plan is to release it as soon as possible. If 1.0 lasted so much was only because we had *a lot* of work in Tinymail and in Modest, so much that we couldn’t even release Tinymail.

  8. It would be wonderful to see Tinymail and Modest developers posting in bugzilla.maemo.org and directly addressing the ever increasing list of basic and annoying bugs that prevent Modest from being anywhere near as useful as it could be… 🙂

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