I’m really proud to announce the release of Tinymail 1.0. New packages are available here.

It has been more than 3 years since the project started, and after all the hard work we think now it is time to release the first version of our beloved framework to build e-mail applications for mobile devices. Thank you very much to all contributors! Specially thanks to Philip, Dape, Dirk-Jan and Rob, you all rock guys!

It is already being mentioned in the official announcement I sent to the tinymail devel list but I would like to highlight the main achievements of this release since the previous 0.0.9 pre-release:

  • New widgets to show the mailboxes tree as a plain list
  • New widget to expose only the latest messages of a mailbox
  • New download external images capability
  • Complete rework of IMAP IDLE
  • Improved namespace handling in IMAP
  • Locking, security and connectivity improvements in POP3 code
  • Improved MIME parsing (PGP/GPG parsing now works)
  • New asynchronous methods for getting folders and messages
  • Upated Vala & Python bindings
  • Improved support for 64-bit architectures
For those of you having a Nokia N900 this release contains more or less the same code shipped within your device (remember that Modest, the email program, is tinymail powered). For all people that followed the progresses in tinymail I blogged about recently (here, here or here) you will have to wait for v1.2 release. I promise you won't have to wait that much...