After all the hard work required to release Modest and Tinymail I finally found some energy to start a new pet project. I have never really liked the RSS reader that comes with the Nokia N900 Igalia gave me. I looks too “Diablo” and it’s not consistent at all with Fremantle look&feel.

That’s why I decided to write my own and, at the same time, regain contact with Python. The result is ReSiStance 0.1.

ReSiStance 0.1 from Igalia on Vimeo.

These are the main features of this first release

  • Support for RSS 0.90, Netscape RSS 0.91, Userland RSS
    0.91, RSS 0.92, RSS 0.93, RSS 0.94, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom 0.3,
    Atom 1.0, and CDF (kindly provided by feedparser module)
  • Feed and Favicon autodiscovery (no need to type the exact URI to the .xml file)
  • Add/Remove/Update feed sources
  • Landscape/Portrait mode support (I love apps with portrait mode)
  • Internationalization support

ReSiStance sources are already available for downloading from gitorious and the package for the N900 was uploaded to extras-devel repository.

11 thoughts on “Vive la ReSiStance!

  1. Just seen the screencast, awesome!

    I only wonder, where/how do you know if there is unread new items?

    Thanks for your work! That’s exactly the right design for RSS on maemo 5.

  2. @Bokal
    From the main screen you don’t know. But when you open one feed source and the window with all the posts is shown, the read ones are shown in secondary text color (gray in that theme) while the unread ones are shown in active text color (blue in that theme)

    In the next release the main window will show “X unread messages”

  3. Awesome!

    But I want to read my feeds on more than one machine, and synchronize the read/unread status of individual posts. Therefore I use Google Reader, and grumble that the mobile version on the N900’s browser is not as convenient as a native app would be, if only there would be a native app with Google Reader integration…

  4. Hello svillar and others,
    I have modified the code of version 0.8.7 (current version in Maemo extras-devel) to add a button to open the RSS post in a browser.

    I added this as many news sites such as only send very short summaries via RSS (to keep up their page views, presumably). Without being able to jump straight to the article, they’re a tad inconvenient.

    I have no access to the Maemo repos, so for now the modification is only on my phone. Perhaps svillar, you could check my changes and merge if you think they’re okay?

    I could send you diffs against 0.8.7 for the 2 files changed, which are and


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