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Servo at FOSDEM 2024

Following the trend started on my last blog post this is a blog post about Servo presence in a new event, this time FOSDEM 2024. This was my first time at FOSDEM, which is a special and different conference with lots of people and talks; it was quite an experience!

Picture of Rakhi during her Servo talk at FOSDEM with Tauri experiment slide in the background.
Servo talk by Rakhi Sharma at FOSDEM 2024

Embedding Servo in Rust projects #

My colleague Rakhi Sharma gave a great talk about Servo in the Rust devroom. The talk went deep into how Servo can be embedded by other Rust projects, showing the work on the Servo’s Minibrowser, and the latest experiments related to the integration with Tauri through their cross-platform WebView library called wry. It’s worth to highlight that the latter has been sponsored by NLnet Foundation, big thanks for your support! Attending FOSDEM was nice as we also met Daniel Thompson-Yvetot from Tauri, which we have been working with as part of this collaboration, and discussed about improvements and plans for the future.

Slides and video of the talk are already available online. Don’t miss it if you’re interested in the more recent news around Servo development and how to embedded it in other projects.

Servo at Linux Foundation Europe stand #

Servo is a Linux Foundation Europe project, and they have a stand at FOSDEM. This allowed us to show Servo to people passing by there and explain the ongoing development efforts on the project. There were also some nice Servo swag that people really liked. The stand gave us the chance to talk to different people about Servo. Most of them were very interested in the project revival and are hopeful about a promising future for the project.

Picture of Linux Foundation Europe stand at FOSDEM 2024 with different Servo swag (stickers, flyers, buttons, cups, caps, teddy bears). Also in the picture there is a screen showing a video of Servo rendering WebGPU content.
Servo swag at Linux Foundation Europe stand at FOSDEM 2024

As part of our attendance to FOSDEM we had the chance to meet some people we have been working with recently. We met Taym Haddadi one active Servo contributor, it was nice to talk to people contributing to the project and meet them in real life. In addition, we were also talking briefly with NLnet folks, they have one of the most popular stands with stickers of all the projects they fund. Furthermore, we also have the chance to talk to Outreachy folks, as we’re working into getting Servo back into Outreachy internship program this year.

Other Igalia talks at FOSDEM 2024 #

Finally, I’d like to highlight that Igalia presence at FOSDEM was much bigger than only Servo related stuff. There were a large groups of igalians participating in the event, and we have a bunch of talks there: