We’re really happy to see that with every new release LibrePlan project is translated into new languages.

In LibrePlan 1.2.2 two new languages appeared:

  • French: In the past some people had already asked about French translation and finally this language was available for them. The work was initially started by Stephane Ayache and Guillaume Postaire, but finally Philippe Poumaroux did the final effort to complete the translation in order to have French supported 100%. LibrePlan screenshot in French

    LibrePlan screenshot in French

  • Dutch: This translation was done by Jeroen Baten, who is also participating in the LibrePlan community (for example he sent an script to connect JIRA with LibrePlan). LibrePlan screenshot in Dutch

    LibrePlan screenshot in Dutch

In the last version published yesterday, LibrePlan 1.2.3, again a new language has been included:

  • Polish: This time it was the Polish language provided by Krzysztof Kamecki. LibrePlan screenshot in Polish

    LibrePlan screenshot in Polish

For the future releases it seems that Czech language will be available too as you can check in Transifex.

We’d like to publicity thank the work done by our translators, that is allowing more and more people use LibrePlan without any language barrier. You guys rock! :-)

Finally, if you miss your language or want to improve, help or contribute in any of the current ones, the process is as easy as join Transifex and start to translate there.

PS: Transifex guys accepted my mini patch to improve the projects timeline RSS feed. Now you can be subscribed to it and it won’t be updated until there is any new translation or change in the project.