First of all, I’d like to announce that in a few days LibrePlan 1.2.1 will be released. This is a minor release including lots of bufixes done since 1.2.0. Thanks to all the users for reporting the different problems you have found in the tool, with the new version you’ll have an improved experience using LibrePlan. For those who still don’t know, you can report us any issue in project bugzilla or directly talk to us in #libreplan IRC channel on, we’ll try to fix it ASAP to be included in the next releases.

But as you can guess from the post title, the main topic I wanted to talk today is about the Italian translation of LibrePlan. Giuseppe Zizza has done a great work during the past weeks and LibrePlan 1.2.1 will be 100% translated into Italian language. He has used Transifex to do the translation and he has translated both UI files and reports files, so Italian is completely supported. I’d like to thank him again for the effort and his collaboration with the project. Grazie Mille! :-)

LibrePlan in Italian

Finally, we’re really glad to see that LibrePlan is available in more and more languages as time passes. So, if you still miss your language in LibrePlan, feel free to go to Transifex and add it by yourself or collaborate with other people in the translation. As you can see it will be included in future versions of the project.