We’re starting September and the first release using LibrePlan name should happen during this month. We’ve a small delay regarding our initial plans but we think that we should be able to have something ready more or less by the end of the month and release LibrePlan 1.2.

LibrePlan logo
The new logo has been designed by Opsou and we’re really happy with the final result, you can read more information in their blog (in Spanish). Now Igalia is collaborating with them in order to create a nice new website that should have a draft version soon ;-)


During the summer the team has enjoyed some holidays, but we’ve been working hard in the future LibrePlan release. You will find a lot of interesting changes in this new version:

  • Migration to ZK 5: This required a great effort that was started by Farruco Sanjurjo in summer 2010 during an Igalia internship, and we’re currently closing latest minor issues regarding this task. Thanks to this change LibrePlan performance has been improved with simultaneous users.
  • Prevent lose changes: Several users have reported that sometimes they lose some changes because they forget to save before moving between perspectives in a project. We call perspective to each different view LibrePlan provides over the same data: Gantt view, WBS, resource load, advanced allocation. We’re doing some changes in order to mitigate these issues, in LibrePlan 1.2 the different perspectives are going to share the same state, so users will be able to change between them without losing any change (more information in the mailing list thread).
  • LDAP support: ComtecSF guys have been working in this task that is ready in development branch since some time ago. So, from now on you don’t need to register all the users in LibrePlan if you already have a LDAP available; moreover you can configure the matching between LibrePlan roles and LDAP groups.
  • Functional tests: Like we think that stability is a really important feature for a project like LibrePlan, we have started to use Sahi to create some functional tests (more information in Javi’s blog). This work is been done by Pablo Fernández during his master practicum in Igalia (in Spanish).
  • LibrePlan screenshot in Russian languageNew translations: This week we’ve received the Russian translation by Pavel Rudensky that you can already test in the LibrePlan on-line demo, thanks Pavel for your great work :-). Besides, other people is working in some translations too, so if you want to have LibrePlan in your language you can help us following the instructions at wiki. If you have any doubt you can contact us on #navalplan IRC channel at Freenode.
  • Other: As usual we’ve fixed lots of issues and done some other minor tasks that you will enjoy in the new version. And also released two minor versions with bugfixes: 1.1.2 and 1.1.3.

This is just a small update about the upcoming LibrePlan 1.2 release; in the official announcement you’ll find a more detailed description. Now let’s move to code again, happy hacking!