This week we’ve taken an overview of these projects from the community and technical point of views at Master of Software Libre.

Python seems an easy programming language with a lot of available modules that you can use to fill your needs. I liked a lot the command interpreter to learn and play with the language (i.e. you can use it as calculator, that’s going to make me forget bc ;-)) moreover I also liked some other things:

I don’t have a very good opinion about Mono and it’s not related with the platform that seems very good and productive, my concerns are more related with the patent issues of C# and the large shadow of Microsoft behind the project.

Actually I don’t like the Mono’s position in a race where it’s always behind .NET and Microsoft decisions specially for technologies like ASP.NET and Silverlight.
Moreover nobody knows what Microsoft is going to do in the future, maybe they could sue some Mono project because it breaks some patent just for use Mono, mainly if it’s a successful project. Then you should rewrite the program using other language to keep the project free (I don’t like it :-().

However there’re also good things, I liked a lot the Mono documentation tool (Monodoc) particulary the way to add new documentation and contribute to improve the project documentation directly from the viewer tool. IMHO, it’s a clever way to improve the documentation of the project, if you know how a class works and it’s not documented yet, you can add your comments and share them with the world from the same tool.

Finally, I’d like to thank to Dape and Álvaro del Castillo for their interesting sessions.

Next week GNOME vs KDE at MSWL, let’s see what happens.

BTW, I’ve been using Emacs since a week ago and I’m adapting to it quite well so my .emacs is growing everyday :D.