After more than a month learning systems stuff at MSWL, where we talked about a lot of things (bash, network, DNS, LDAP, git, email, security, firewalling, perl, virtualization, …), last two weeks we’ve had four practical technical studies:

  • Debian packaging: A very interesting class by Alberto González Iniesta. We saw the right way to create a Debian package from project sources and check its quality.
  • Kernel hacking: Berto explained us a lot of things related with the kernel. We learned to create our own kernel with kernel-package and make menuconfig.
  • openSUSE: A great talk by Rodrigo Moya, in which he talked about the begging of openSUSE and the openSUSE Build Service, a very interesting way to maintain the openSUSE pacakges, allowing to send patches automatically from the command line with osc (OpenSUSE commander).
  • eBox: Javier Uruen showed us the eBox platform, a very easy way to manage a lot of services that you could need in a network. This platform is designed for users and not for system administrators, allowing anyone configure a network.

Now it’s time for the development subject!