Lately I’ve been quite busy (I’m doing a Master on Free Software) and I didn’t have time to write any post, actually I missed the chance to do it sometimes. So, before the year ends, I should write my last post and here it goes.

This month I’ve published 2 new TYPO3 extensions:

  • Pages categorization: It adds the possibility to relate pages with tt_news categories. This is very useful in some cases, because of you can have a plugin that shows news in pages with different categories, and the list of news will be different on each page. This extension also provides a function to get the news with the same categories than the current page.
  • Accessible Ratings: This extension provides a plugin, which makes that Ratings extension works without JavaScript.

On the other hand, I found a page with the Formidable reference, it’s not complete but it’s updated to the last version. Furthermore, I’ve done some contributions to Formidable extension between November and December:

  • Improved the datasource:DB: Now it has new properties fields, table and wheres. Whit this change is very easy to define queries from the XML.
  • Added a new property meta/formwrap: It removes the HTML form tag when you use Formidable just to show information (lists, detail, …)
  • New wizard icons for Formidable plugins.

All of this things come from my work in the Mancomún project, a TYPO3 project that we’re doing right now. You can check the current status of the project at SVN repository.

By the way, I’ve been testing DocBook and I like it to make slides, I should play more with it in the future.