Yesterday was the last day of the conference and after the party the day before people were quite tired.

I decided to go to the next talks:

  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to TYPO3 v5: This was a talk to summarize the work done during the last year on FLOW3 and TYPO3 v5 projects. There were some things repeated from the tutorial and he mainly talked about persistence and REST services, every operation that could be done in TYPO3 backend will use web services. A good presentation with videos and so on, I liked it.
  • Continuous Integration for FLOW3: A good talk about Continuous Integration in TYPO3, it works really nice perfectly integrated on TYPO3 forge running all tests in 3 platforms (Mac, Linux and Windows). It uses Hudson, and he explained about how to use it for particular projects.
  • Intelligent web forms: As a Formidable collaborator I can miss the only talk about forms in the conference. They talked about the extension FormMaker that allows to manage forms from backend. Something interesting is that it allows to define some steps in a form, dividing it in several pages defining a workflow; they manage it with sessions and it has a drawback because you couldn’t have two forms with different data in two browser tabs. It seems a very powerful extension, maybe quite complex in the beginning but I should test it to give my opinion about it.
  • Transparent Object Persistence with FLOW3: Karsten started talking about DDD (Domain Driven Design) and explain the different concepts of that approach: repository, aggregate, entity and value. This is the base of FLOW3 persistence framework that defines a Content Repository in which objects are stored automatically. A good point of this repository is that you can mount a relation data base and use it as an object with the API of the repository. There is a tool called TYPO3 CR Admin quite useful to see the stored date.

Finally I didn’t attend to the Best paper award event because the “Spanish” people (Nivel Siete, ICTI and Igalia people) went for a walk to get an overview of Berlin. We took the underground till Alexander Platz and we returned walking to the hotel seeing a lot of monuments.

In this TYPO3 conference I tried to catch as much information as possible about FLOW3 and TYPO3 v5 and these talks refreshing my concepts about Software Engineering (AOP, DDD, TDD, …). Furthermore they recommend a lot of books about Software Engineering you can see the further reading section at FLOW3 website. My conclusion about these projects could be that there’re a lot of things to do and one of them is improve the performance, if they get it FLOW3 will be a great framework and TYPO3 will have a great source code.

Congratulations to the organization of this great conference and also to Igalia for let me live that great experience.