Due to lot of questions that people are asking through comments in the mafw-gst-eq-renderer related posts, I have set up a new mailing list: mafweqrenderer-list@garage.maemo.org.

Reading Maemo Brainstorm I happened upon a complaint: Mediaplayer and other players do not have an equalizer. Though I don’t use equalizers very often, sometimes I did it, and I find a bit upset not having one in such cool device.

No, I’m not going to talk about those little and tasty pieces of chocolate, but about Maemo and Multimedia

The new Nokia N900 has been announced. How does it sound? Taking in account that comes with Maemo 5 and therefore MAFW, it should sound very fine

If you assisted the talk Iago did at GCDS’09 about MAFW, maybe you remember he showed a demo to explain some of the concepts managed in MAFW. And if you paid attention too :wink: