A new version of mafw-gst-eq-renderer has been released: 0.1.2009.47-1-1.

mafw-gst-eq-renderer is a renderer plugin for MAFW, the multimedia framework used in Maemo 5. It is a fork of original MAFW renderer plugin which adds an equalizer.

This release integrates all changes from original mafw-gst-renderer v0.1.2009.47-1 plugin. So it should have all features as original (and unfortunately all bugs too).

If you want to use it with the default mediaplayer, I suggest to install MGR flavour.

Installing mafw-gst-eq-renderer

Installing mafw-gst-eq-renderer (I’m assuming you want to install MGR flavour) is very easy: download it and from a terminal, install it, uninstall original mafw-gst-renderer and reboot the device.

For those that need a detailed step by step:

  1. sudo gainroot
  2. dpkg -i mafw-gst-eq-renderer_0.1.2009.47-1-1mgr_armel.deb
  3. apt-get remove mafw-gst-renderer
  4. reboot

Uninstalling mafw-gst-eq-renderer

If for any reason you want to uninstall it, it is easy too: you must restore original mafw-gst-renderer and then remove the fork.

Again, step by step:

  1. sudo gainroot
  2. apt-get install mafw-gst-renderer mp-fremantle-generic-pr
  3. apt-get remove mafw-gst-eq-renderer
  4. reboot

After this, everything should work fine.

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