No, I’m not going to talk about those little and tasty pieces of chocolate, but about Maemo and Multimedia :relaxed:.

If you have a fresh installation of Maemo 5 Beta2 SDK, and you have tried to play a mp3 either with MAFW or just with gst-launch, you should have noticed it doesn’t work. That’s because, as pointed out in the Developer Guide, SDK is distributed with almost no codecs, being the mp3 one of those missing codecs.

As I work with a lot of mp3 when developing MAFW, I’ve decided to put here the required package to be able to play mp3 files in the scratchbox (x86 target). Basically, it’s the same package that comes in Debian Stable, but compiled for scratchbox. Install and you’ll be able to play your mp3 collection.

Enjoy your tasty and musical environment!

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