Moving on

Just a quick (and slightly delayed) note to let you all know that after seven years I have left Igalia. It has really been an amazing, rocking place to be, and I have the best wishes for the company and its people.

Malmö seaside view

Malmö seaside view, with the bridge to Denmark in the background.

Currently, I am living in Malmö (Sweden), where I am taking part in the Master in Interaction Design. This will be my second Master’s degree, after the one on HCI that I studied at the University of York in 2009. But whereas that was more focused on theory and academical research, this one is eminently practical: the course is structured around projects that try to go beyond the boundaries of mainstream everyday design, using many different techniques and tools to gather insights and quickly build working prototypes.

I don’t know yet what the future holds, but that is a question for the new year.

This blog will be frozen after this post; if you want to keep in touch, I’m  @felipeerias on Twitter.

  1. J.A. says:

    It’s always sad when a mate you have worked with leave. It has been a pleasure being your workmate. And really hope to meet you in future wherever you are, either to share work or just to share beers

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