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Last post of the year

Posted in Igalia, Maemo, Personal, Planet Igalia on December 21st, 2007 by femorandeira – Comments Off on Last post of the year

Christmas is here once again, and as always it is a good time to look back. A year ago I was living in Germany, where I was doing an internship at IBM. This Christmas, I’m in Coruña again, working for Igalia in projects of such amazing coolness as Modest and Vagalume. The road has been hard sometimes, but also fun and interesting, and I can only hope that it keeps that way so I can write a similar post next year.
My only advice for the incoming year is to follow the lesson behind Vagalume’s incoming “Recommend to…” button: look for beauty, share it with your friends and have fun. And do a little dancing, too.